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C2C performs successful prototype test in real conditions

C2C-NewCap, a Portuguese startup dedicated to the development of electric energy storage solutions, has tested successfully its supercapacitor prototype at a potential customer, Baltransa, a Spanish logistics company with a fleet of more than 100 specialized tanker trucks.

C2C's testing at Baltransa

C2C’s supercapacitor has been developed to solve the problem of engine starting for heavy transport means such as trucks, especially at extreme low temperatures, where currently-used batteries usually fail.

C2C’s pilot test at Baltransa was performed on a Mercedes-Benz Actros with 12L and 470 horse power and has confirmed the ability of C2C’s supercapacitor to successfully replace one of the truck batteries as an efficient, reliable and safe method for engine starting.

With this validation, C2C’s supercapacitor has reached Technology Readiness Level 7, which corresponds to a system prototype demonstration in an operational environment.

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