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C2C-NewCap winner of the Ocean Exchange 2022 Transportation Hub Award

C2C-NewCap was the winner of the prestigious Transportation Hub Award by Ocean Exchange, that carries prize money of $100,000. The award recognised GO-START as a high-impact technology for decarbonizing the land transportation industry.

$100k Transportation Hub Award

André Mão de Ferro presented the HYCAP project and GO-START solution, in the 2022 Ocean Exchange Awards event in Fort Lauderdale Florida, US to an audience of delegates, representing business, academia, government, and non-profit organizations. This event reached several dozens of EU and US based start-ups, several dozens of key staff members from Ocean Exchange and philanthropists. 

C2C-NewCap was the  winner of the Transportation Hub Award, with a prize money of $100k. The award recognised C2C-NewCap as an innovative company that  ‘develops breakthrough eco-friendly energy storage technologies based on hybrid supercapacitors that will help to decarbonise the energy-intensive land transportation industry.’ GO-START directly helps to decarbonise an energy-intensive industry,  freight land  transportation. It reduces waste production (extending the lifetime of batteries) and fossil fuel consumption (limiting idling), does not use critical raw materials and reduces the use of lead. The adoption of GO-START  will efficiently lower the CO2 emissions of the commercial heavy-vehicles in 11%, having a direct impact on air quality, especially in loading/unloading areas such as harbours.

GO-START can have a  direct impact on air quality, especially in loading/unloading areas such as harbours.

Ocean Exchange

Ocean Exchange is a global ecosystem, based in the US, whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions for healthy oceans and the sustainable blue economy. Since 2011, Ocean Exchange has presented awards for innovative solutions inspiring action when it comes to the ocean and the blue economy. In 2022, Ocean Exchange presented an expanded awards program that included: the Wallenius Wilhelmsen Orcelle® Award (for the solution that creates most sustainable value for its business), the Neptune Award (for solutions that advances our understanding of the ocean and helps minimise our impact on these resources), and the new Transportation Hubs Award (the solution that advances ports and other logistics hubs, seeking innovations that make them more sustainable). The prize money for each award is $100,000 USD.

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