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GO-START ensures power to start the engine, while providing high energy for the resting period.

GO-START is a Plug-and-Play innovative technology with extended life time that reduces fuel consumption.

GO-START is suited for long-haul applications where drivers typically have higher demands for electrical power, and for urban distribution with frequent stop-starts.

Choose your parking battery size accordingly to your truck driver needs.

200 Ah Battery

Enough energy for the average user.

Operating voltage: 12 – 29 V
Operating temperature: -40ºC to 50ºC
Power: 23.1 kW

Battery: 200 Ah Li-ion (LiPO4)
Size: 408 mm x 197 mm x 195 mm (16.02” x 7.76” x 7.68”)

300 Ah Battery

More energy for long range transportation.

Operating voltage: 12 – 29 V
Operating temperature: -40ºC – 50ºC
Power: 23.1 kW

Battery: 300 Ah (LiPO4)
Size: 408 mm x 197 mm x 195 mm (16.02” x 7.76” x 7.68”)

400 Ah Battery

Extra energy for long range transportation and intensive energy use.

Operating voltage: 12 – 29 V
Operating temperature: -40ºC – 50ºC
Power: 23.1 kW

Battery: 400 Ah (LiPO4)
Size: 408 mm x 197 mm x 195 mm (16.02” x 7.76” x 7.68”)

What GO-START can do for you

Our supercapacitor technology presents key performance parameters such as high-power, fast charging, extended life cycle, non-flammability, and low operating cost.

No dead starts
Extended life time

Automotive lead-acid batteries are damaged when discharged below 50 %. If this occurs multiple times, the battery needs to be replaced sooner than expected. GO-START uses a deep cycling battery to manage deep discharges and maintain capacity to withstand over 10-15 times more cycles.

Easy installation
Better in-cab confort

With GO-START, drivers can enjoy all the comforts of their cabinet electrical equipment, without being concerned about the truck’s starting performance. A full night’s sleep without the need to start the engine in the middle of the night to recharge the batteries is now possible.

Low operational costs
And lower environmental footprint

Many drivers resort to leaving their engines running overnight to manage battery power, resulting in excessive fuel consumption of around 3.5 litres per hour. This not only incurs unnecessary costs but also leads to avoidable carbon emissions. GO-START offers a smarter solution to address these challenges.

Safe operation
Non-flammable, water based electrolyte

GO-START is unique, being the only supercapacitor in the market with an aqueous-based electrolyte, providing unparalleled safety with its non-flammable composition. Embracing innovation, it ditches the need for a limiting BMS system, allowing for rapid recharging in just minutes.

How does it work?

GO-START includes one powerful supercapacitor (left tank) for engine start and deep discharge cycle battery (right tank) for on-board power supply functions. This system matches the best technology for their respective functions.


While driving, GO-START charges the battery with the energy provided by the alternator.

One hour driving provides 40 Ah or 16 % charge for a battery having 240 Ah @ 12V.


During the resting period, the battery powers the vehicle accessories. GO-START maintains at full charge to power the next engine start.

Easy to install

GO-START is as easy to install as replacing the two batteries.
Please download the installation guide

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