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Planar supercapacitors: breaking the status quo

The project P.CAP develops planar supercapacitors that can outperform the capacitance, reliability and high-temperature performance of traditional electrolytic capacitors, breaking the status quo of the capacitor’s industry for target applications.

Planar supercapacitors for high temperature and mid-frequency operation

The P.CAP project aims to create an alternative to traditional capacitors by developing novel planar supercapacitors that can operate at mid-frequencies and high temperatures, with higher reliability, extended operating life, and no tantalum.

Electric vehicles

Modern vehicles depend on increasingly complex electronics that must withstand high working temperatures. Our technology enables a new temperature working window beyond 150 ºC.

Mining equipments

Capacitors are one of the must-have components in electronic systems. In harsh environments our technology is more reliable and tolerant to high temperatures – a key factor for more efficient equipments.

Consumer electronics

We enable compact designs with a planar design. Thinner design and compatibility with Surface Mounted Device (SMD) allow for a more miniaturised and efficient assembly.

A new planar supercapacitor to power the future: P.CAP

Compared with regular supercapacitor technology, P.CAP allows for a much higher charge and discharge rate: 100 times per second.  P.CAP brings key performance parameters to power electronics: high-power, fast charging, extended life cycle and tolerance to high temperature.

Charge/discharge 100x per second
Works at > 200ºC
Higher reliability means less e-waste
EDLC technology

The impact

Increased reliability

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Increased reliability

Product failure is an expensive burden. Capacitor failure is more likely to happen in high working temperature or under intense vibration.

P.CAP has been designed to have a very long lifetime (> 2000 h) even under extreme conditions (> 170 oC).

Better product integration

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Better product integration

P.CAP can solve your problems of vibration and size during product assembly.

The combination of its planar shape, SMD connection and high capacitance translates to a low-profile device that can be assembled with a high mechanical integrity using an automated line.

Sustainable Design

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Enabling new technologies
and applications

P.CAP does not contain any critical raw material nor conflict mineral such as tantalum, ensuring a more sustainable supply chain.

Tantalum is a conflict mineral widely used in electrolytic capacitors, which are adopted in applications working at low voltage and with mid to high frequency.

P.CAP is tantalum-free and has an extended product lifetime. In that way, we not only generate less electronic waste but also ensures a more sustainable supply chain.

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